The climate crisis can seem overwhelming, to say the least. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something the saying goes. We are convinced that this is a key message to act on now that we have to save the world. To avoid to get above 1,5 degrees of global warming and climate catastrophe, we all must act now. A concrete way to do so is to dig where we stand. We, students, stand at universities and have a huge possibility to impact them to become leaders, paving the way towards a sustainable future.

The universities produce climate knowledge but do not live by it. Here in Sweden, they are amongst the worst emitters of the government agencies, and it´s time we do something about that. Because if the institutions producing climate knowledge won’t live by it, how can they expect others to? Our goal is to help our universities to start taking their science seriously by reducing their emissions in line with it and thereby send a strong signal to the rest of society to do the same.

Our universities are scholars, they are intellectual authorities, and they are key actors in the struggle to save our future. It’s time for them to act upon the knowledge that they themselves produce. We, their students, can make that happen, by collaborating and combining our skills and energy. Any effort counts, so if this excites you, do not sit this one out. Contact us. Together we will form a global movement to help our universities practise what they teach.

Please contact us for more information and if you would like to join our international team and/or mobilize a climate student group in your country! You are much needed to save the future.

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We are currently working on an international webpage.

Vi räddar framtiden

Klimatstudenterna startades upp av studenter på SLU i Uppsala. I November 2018 bildade studenter från Uppsala, Göteborg och Stockholm föreningen Klimatstudenterna Sverige. Målet är att snabbt växa till en nationell och internationell studentrörelse med lokala klimatstudentgrupper och rädda framtiden.

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