Open lecture with Will Steffen

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Will Steffen presentation 16 mars


It’s easy to wonder what’s going on with our climate. How bad can it really be? What’s going to happen if we continue with business as usual? And what needs to be done in order to save the world?

Climate change is the biggest question of our time. The time to act is now, but in order to act, we need knowledge. That is why we in Climate Students Sweden are proud to invite you to a climate lecture with the leading Earth System scientist Will Steffen.

Steffen was, along with Johan Rockström, one the scientists behind the planetary boundaries. He has been part of many well-known studies, works at Stockholm Resilience Centre and is now coming to Uppsala to give a lecture.

All who would like to learn more about the climate change issue. 

At SLU campus Ultuna, Uppsala the 16:th of March at 11-12 (Loftet, Hörsalen)
Bus stop: Campus Ultuna

Half an hour before and after the lecture there will be a small fair where you will get the change to learn more about our climate student movement and our sponsors (see below). So be sure to be there in time to mingle!

The lecture is hosted by Climate Students Sweden in cooperation with We Don’t Have Time, Campusbokhandeln and Naturskyddsföreningen Uppsala län.

Once again welcome to an eye-opening lecture about our mutual home. Get answers to your questions, tools for your climate toolbox and inspiration to save the planet!


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